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ESO Nightblade Build For PvP And DPS

Nightblade is a very popular class in ESO, and for a damned good reason. This class combines the timeless appeal of rogues with a mage’s ability to magic their way out of trouble, and the uber-stealthing doesn’t hurt either. The wide variety of eso nightblade builds just makes the class that much more fun to play with. So it’s no wonder that some of the most popular builds are Nightblade PVP builds. ESO classes all have a lot of versatility, but Nightblade definitely stands out.


In terms of PvP, this class is most often used as assassins. The high level stealth class abilities make it easy to slip through the melee chaos of PvP and attack enemies who are focused on other players, already injured or distracted. The various poison-related abilities available to a topĀ eso nightblade build also allow a single hit to do a great deal of damage over time. While not as flashy as one-hit-one-kill abilities, these damage over time attacks can severely weaken enemies, leaving them vulnerable to follow up attacks by allies while the Nightblade slips on to new targets. And of course, the ability to sneak up on a strong enemy who is focused on other battles, and finish them off with a single strike, can’t be overvalued. A build focusing on stealth, poison, and finishing attacks is a lethal ‘toon on the field of PvP.

As you can see, a DPS nightblade has obvious advantages and could be argued is the best nightblade build. ESO PvP isn’t for the faint of heart, and the dps nightblades ability to sneak straight into the enemy stronghold and attack from behind is something no other class can even attempt. Here a few other thoughts for putting you DPS PvP character together:

Make sure you have at least one self-healing skill available. Mixed in with the enemy in stealth, you are far less likely to be in range of a healer, and there are few healers in PvP to begin with.

Daggers and short sword are your weapons of choice. Don’t even bother with a ranged weapon. You belong in the thick of melee, not perched on a building sending arrows from afar.

Hit and run. Don’t stand and engage an enemy. That’s what the DragonKnights and Templars are for. Find an enemy that’s engaged, attack, hurt them or finish them, move on to the next. If you were interested in the glory of combat and all that, you wouldn’t be skulking around in stealth, now would you?

Most of all, have fun.

June 20, 2014 at 11:36 pm
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